Our entire team is committed to the success of each and every project. We are proud of the outstanding effort that each Lordsbuilders Ltd associate contributes.

Amar Gadton

Construction Manager

A construction manager is someone who plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises construction projects from early development to completion the end of projects with the costumer satisfaction.


Construction Project Manager

Construction project managers help ensure the project is tracking along to plan. They manage the project so it finishes on time and on budget, and that their team completes it according to building codes, plans, and specs.

Tony Goff

Building Worker

A construction / Building worker is a tradesperson, labourer (by tradition considered an unskilled tradesperson), or professional employed in the physical construction of the built environment and its infrastructure.

Brown Arthur

Team Work Manager

An effective team building process can bring significant, not simply marginal, improvements in project execution and results. The decision to use the team building process was made primarily because the process was viewed as a proactive way to manage a project in a “win-win” environment.

Ricky Hatton

Project Manager

A construction project manager sets up the estimates, the budgets and the construction timetable for the client and develops the construction strategy. He selects the subcontractors and workers, and provides required explanations for the builders and other professionals associated with the project.

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